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Conference Proposals

AMET 2023 Conference

We would like every region to submit at least two proposals

Deadline:  Friday, October 6, 2023

Welcome Presenters!


The AMET State Conference is an education conference that focuses on the needs of public, private, and public charter school districts in the areas of federal and state programs for migrant students and provides information and resources to our migrant parents. The general sessions highlight service awards for migrant education program stakeholders and motivational speakers who are often former migrant students themselves. Furthermore, we provide multiple, smaller concurrent sessions, which tend to highlight school district "best practice" programs and service models from across the state. In addition, the Texas Education Agency usually offers sessions. These concurrent sessions, depending on their topics, will usually draw anywhere from 15 to 100 people per session. Here are a few examples of the topic areas typically covered in these sessions (non-inclusive):

Service Delivery Plan

Reading Instruction for Parents/Students

Math Instruction for Parents/Students

School Readiness

High School Graduation/OSY

Program Management

Allowable Use of Funds

Federal Programs Compliance

ID&R Plan of Action


Certificate of Eligibility (COEs)

Program Evaluation

PFS Implementation

New Generation System (NGS)/Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX)


If you, your school district, or your ESC has a program or service delivery model that you would consider a "best practice," we encourage you to submit a Presenter Proposal form for our 2023 AMET Conference. We are in the field of providing support and guidance to our migrant students and families so please help by sharing what you do which has proven to be effective in improving your migrant education program! 

Selection Criteria for Presentation Proposals:


Description - The description of the presentation should describe strategies and presentation techniques. The abstract should be no more than 100 words in length and provide an accurate description.

Other Expectations - A screen and LCD projector will be provided. All other equipment for PowerPoint presentations will be the responsibility of the presenter. Please be prepared to provide handouts for 75 participants.

The presenter and/or employer must cover expenses. If presenters are only presenting and NOT attending the conference, registration will not be required; however, please consider attending the conference since this is the primary source of funds for our association’s scholarships. We encourage as many presenters as possible to attend the conference.

There are no honorariums.

The presenter must provide all other materials desired for his/her individual session(s). All presenters must be willing to present at any time during the conference, as scheduled by the program committee. If presenters wish to obtain personal evaluations, they must bring their own evaluation forms.

Call For Proposals form

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