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2023 Migrant Service Award Winners


Parent of the Year

Bibiana Mora


Ms. Mora is a very hard working person and the sole provider for her household. Even through her previous cancer diagnoses she persevered through the challenges of treatment and working long days out in the field. She always has a smile on her face no matter how many long hours she has been working out in the fields. She is very involved in the education of her children and adopted grandchildren. She is always advocating for their educational needs and makes sure that those needs are met. She always asks questions in regards to her children and grandchildren's educational choices. Ms. Morawas part of the State PAC Committee. She is very well known in her community for advocating and recruiting other Migratory families. Ms. Mora joyfully agreed to be interviewed for a MEP video recorded by the Region. She was so prepared and did so well that she wasn't just one piece of the video but became the STAR of her own video. She knows the program so well that she could easily be a Migrant Recruiter.


Educator of the Year


Estrella Guerrero

Donna ISD


With over a decade of service, Estella has dedicated herself to ensuring thatstudents catch up on their work and have all the necessary resources tograduate college, career, or military ready. Her tireless efforts, constantcommunication with students and families, and willingness to go above andbeyond have made a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals. Asa former migrant student herself, Estella understands the unique challengesthat students face. She has become a beacon of hope for those who may feeloverwhelmed or disadvantaged. One of Estella's most commendable qualitiesis her unwavering commitment to her students' well-being. Estella serves as atrue coordinator of services. Her meticulous attention to detail and dedicationto providing comprehensive support. Estella's impact reaches far beyond theclassroom. Her dedication and tireless efforts have not only helped studentscatch up academically but have also instilled in them a sense of hope,resilience, and determination. Estella Betancourt Guerrero is an exceptionalindividual whose unwavering commitment and dedication to the MigrantProgram have made a lasting impact. Her selfless actions, constantcommunication, and coordination of services demonstrate her deep rootedpassion for education and her unwavering belief in the potential of everystudent. Estella is a true champion of education.

Data Specialist of the Year


Josefina Valdez

La Feria ISD



Ms. Valdez has dedicated her life to helping migrant families. She has worked for over 25 years with La Feria ISD, and most of that time has been with ourMigrant Education Program. She started in the district as a parent volunteer and eventually found her calling in the migrant and parental departments. She is dedicated, punctual, and committed to making our migrant program successful. She constantly goes above and beyond to recruit and serve our migrant families. Growing up in a migrant family, Ms. Valdez understands the obstacles our migrant families deal with. When we have events such as parent meetings or literacy events, Ms. Valdez makes certain that all the necessary preparations are taken care. She is a team player and always treats others with respect. As in other districts, La Feria ISD has had to cut back on our Migrant staff thus our staff has had to take on multiple roles. Ms. Valdez is currently a recruiter, reviewer and TX-NGS Clerk for our district and excels in all positions. She is an asset to our district, and we feel fortunate to have such a caring and devoted person such as Ms. Valdez. She is a model of what all of us in the migrant program should strive for, she has a caring heart and is always looking for ways to help serve our migrant parents and students. 

Support Staff of the Year

Elena Mata

Donna ISD



Ms. Mata’s journey has been defined by her unwavering commitment. As a former migrant student herself, she empathizes with the challenges these families face and has dedicated her career to making a positive impact. Ms. Mata has consistently excelled in building lasting relationships, facilitating communication, and providing administrative support. Ms. Mata actively assists migrant parents and works closely with community organizations to develop partnerships. Ms. Mata is dedicated to ensuring that all staff members have the necessary tools and resources to effectively support migrant students. Ms. Mata arranges workshops, trainings, and seminars. As the Migrant Education secretary, Ms. Mata’s attention to detail is instrumental in ensuring the smooth operation of the program. From managing student records and monitoring program compliance, to coordinating transportation and organizing family engagement events, she plays a pivotal role in day-to- day operations. Ms. Mata’s efficiency and dedication allow teachers and administrators to focus on providing quality education and support to migrant students. Her meticulous organization and ability to multitask are highly regarded by her colleagues. Ms. Mata plays a vital role in ensuring that every student has the opportunity to succeed. Her resilience, determination, and commitment serve as an inspiration to the entire community.

Recruiter of the Year

Elias Longoria

Donna ISD



Elias Longoria is a former migrant student who has dedicated 15 years of his life to serving in the Migrant Program. One of the standout qualities of Mr. Longoria is that he goes above and beyond to ensure that our families have access to the most updated information. Mr. Longoria actively keeps a pulse on our families, many of whom are constantly moving throughout the area. His dedication to maintaining strong lines of communication is evident in his frequent calls to parents, where he not only shares important information but also provides them with work opportunities. Mr. Longoria is a champion of innovation. He understands the importance of blending traditional recruitment methods with modern tracking technologies. He consistently provides valuable feedback to improve the program's existing methods. Mr. Longoria's dedication to his role asa recruiter extends far beyond regular working hours. His involvement in the community reflects his deep-rooted commitment to making a positive impact.One of Mr. Longoria's most remarkable qualities is his ability to connect with families on a personal level. His warm and approachable demeanor brings everyone out of their shell. Families rely on him not only as a recruiter but also, as a trusted advocate and friend. Mr. Longoria's ability to build meaningful relationships with families is a testament to his genuine care and concern for their wellbeing. 

Administrator of the Year

Pat Escamilla

Edinburg CISD



The oldest of 7 children, Pat Escamilla graduated from Mission High School. He then attended college in Edinburg. He learned from migrant families the hardships they endure in spite of the fact that he was never a migrant himself. His devotion and dedication to the migrant population has always been seen and felt by those migrant whose lives he touched. Mr. Pat Escamilla has 15 years of working with Migrant Education as a Migrant Coordinator, along with heading the Migrant Head Start Program as Principal. Mr. Escamilla was also a high school assistant principal at McAllen High School for 8 years. Prior to that he taught Mathematics at the high school. Mr. Escamilla holds a BS Degree in Education, Masters of Education and a Mid-Management Masters Degree in Education.

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