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Scholarship Essay Tips

Essay Tips


Scholarship Essay Instructions

  • The final essay should be ONE page only, font size 12, Arial or Times New Roman with a total of 6 paragraphs

  • Each section of the body should have only two to three sentences.

  • Have someone else review, provide feedback, and edit your essay.

  • Do NOT include your name in the essay or on the essay.

  • The foundational “My Story” essay can be “tweaked” and used over and over again to complete a majority of all required college admission and scholarship essays.

  • Failure to follow these instructions may result in a disqualification of your application.

  • Answer the questions below as a guide to organize your main ideas.


I. Introduction


The opening sentence and paragraph must catch the reader’s attention and interest.

II. Body


A. Family

  • Describe your family: ethnic background, gender, country of origin, number of brothers/sisters, parents’ educational background and occupation.

  • Mention any special circumstances such as: single parent home, illness, death, disability, divorce, or mobility.


B.   Obstacle, Overcoming, Character Qualities

  • Describe one of your most challenging obstacles and how did you overcome it?

  • What character qualities have you learned, are presently learning, or need to learn from your obstacle?

  • Explain how this obstacle will help you to become successful in the future.


C. Community Service, Leadership, Role Model

  • Describe two or three contributions you have made in community service.

  • When and where have you served others?

  • How has it made you a better person? What impact did you make?

  • What did you learn about life, yourself, or other people?


D. Life Purpose, Direction of Study

  • Explain your dreams for the future, educational, and career goals.

  • What are the reasons you are seeking this field of study?

  • How can you contribute to society or make a difference in the lives of others?


III. Conclusion

  • Why do you want to attend university/college? Why do you need a scholarship?

  • Describe in detail any special family circumstances that will affect your ability to obtain assistance in reaching your goal.

  • Example: Without a scholarship I would not be able to attend college because______.

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June McBride, M.A., Author and Founder of Path to Scholarships® and Edudaris®

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