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AMET Awards Overview

Migrant Service Award

In keeping with its goal of fostering excellence in Migrant Education, the Texas Migrant Education Program will honor and recognize dedicated and deserving contributors to Migrant Education. 


Awards will be given to Educators, Paraprofessionals, Administrators, Recruiters, NGS Data Entry Specialists, and Parents for their distinguished service in Migrant Education through their active participation, leadership, and commitment.


Visit the Migrant Service Award page for more information.

Lifetime Service Award

In recognition of the extraordinary efforts that people make on behalf of Texas migratory students, the AMET planning committee is accepting nominations for the Distinguished Lifetime Service Award in Migrant Education. The award recognizes individuals who have contributed significantly to the advancement and/or implementation of the Texas Migrant Education Program through their active participation, dedication, and commitment.

Visit the Lifetime Service Award page for more information.

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