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College for all Texans

CAMP is the College Assistance Migrant Program, a unique educational program that helps students from migrant and seasonal farm working backgrounds succeed in college. See the list of CAMP's here.

CAMP was established in 1972 and has helped over 20,000 students accomplish their educational goals.

CAMP offers pre-college transition and first-year support services to help students develop the skills needed to stay in school and successfully graduate from college.

CAMP services include providing help with admissions, financial aid and other university services.

CAMP staff can assist the student in: 

  •       Finding housing and roommates either on-campus or off-campus

  •       Select and register for classes and introduce you to other student services 

  •       Adjust to college life through individual and group counseling

  •       Develop a long-term support system

  •       Develop study and college survival skills

  •       Obtain tutors for academic assistance

  •       Receive supplemental financial assistance for books, supplies, health insurance and         transportation

CAMP grants are individually evaluated by its retention and college graduation rates.  CAMP grant directors collectively report 4-yr national retention rates of over 80% and college graduation rates of approximately 75%.

Transcript Information

It is important to see if the scholarship or college/trade school/university you are applying for is requesting an official or unofficial copy of your transcript.


An unofficial transcript is a current transcript showing what classes you have taken up to the moment of the request for the transcript.


An official transcript is a signed and stamped document officially stating completion of all high school or college requirements. It is highly recommended to request for multiple copies. (10 or more).

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