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2022 AMET State Conference

Embassy Suites Hotel
San Marcos, Texas
November 16-18, 2022

"Hard Working Families Create Future Successes"

Session Handouts

Conference Program

Parent Academy 1

Programa Interestatal de Texas Para Migrantes: Handout

Session 3

MEP Within the ESSA Compliance Report

Destiny Chavarria, Region 17 ESC

Veronica Carlson, Region 17 ESC

Session 4

TMIP Can Assist with the Needs of Your Migratory Students!

Elda Valdez, Program Specialist, Texas Migrant Interstate Program (TMIP)

Session 7

Mental Health, SEL, & Restorative Practices Simplified

Greg Hickey, Region 15 ESC

Session 10

Bright Beginning and Project SMART: An Overview of the Curriculum Initiative

Myra Faris, Region 20 ESC

Idalia Ibanez, TEA

Session 12

The AIIMS Portal: Building Capacity of MEP Staff

Lori Pevoto, Region 20 ESC

Session 17

Supporting English Learners in Texas EL Web Portal

Sharon Santo, Project Manager English Learner Support, Region 20 ESC

Rickey Santellana, Program Coordinator, Texas Education Agency

Session 18

The Bridge between Migrant Education and Health Access for Farmworkers

Gladys Carrillo, National Center for Farmworker Health

Session 24

Digital Resources to Support Migratory Parents and Families

Jeremy Poston, Region 20 ESC

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