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Employment Opportunities at AMET

Vision Statement

To support migrant students and educators of migrant students in Texas as a leader and innovator in public education through a broad-based system of community support.

Mission Statement

To passionately advocate for migrant students and families, provide leadership and resources to educators of migrant students and to serve as a voice for the migrant education program.


Position Summary: 

The ideal candidate for the Executive Director of the Association for Migrant Educators of Texas (AMET) will provide leadership in terms of governance and strategic planning to achieve the mission and vision of the organization. The Executive Director will be responsible to the Executive Board of AMET for administrative day-to-day activities, event planning for the fall conference, webmaster duties and financial management.


  • Demonstrated working knowledge of the role of regional education service centers in providing services to the migrant education programs across the state.

  • Demonstrated ability to handle accountability and financial reports of non-profit agencies.  

  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate and negotiate with hotels to plan an annual conference. 

  • Proficiency with standard computer functions and electronic software such as MS Office, (e.g., word processing, electronic spreadsheets) Google, and e-mail, website management, etc. 

  • Demonstrated ability to handle multiple complex efforts simultaneously. 

  • Demonstrated commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. 

  • Demonstrated oral and written communication skills. 

  • Demonstrated interpersonal skills which reflect the ability to foster a productive environment.





  • Participate in Executive Council, Board of Directors, and Conference Planning Meetings. 

  • Coordinate search for conference host hotel/convention center which suits the conference theme, size, and accessibility, considering factors like location, capacity, and amenities.

  • Contract with conference host hotel/convention center including conference dates/schedule, guest room total, food/beverage total, AV total and meeting room needs pending approval of the AMET Executive Board.  

  • Liaise with the hotel coordinator and Conference Planning Committee to manage contracted space and layout for conference deliverables.

  • Create and coordinate conference banquet and audio-visual orders with hotel/service providers.

  • Determine financial resources and allocate funds strategically across venue, catering, equipment, marketing, and other essential expenses.

  • Manage per night guest room allocation changes with conference hotels and set up overflow hotel contracts for conferences as needed.

  • Manage and coordinate conference exhibitor functions (booth sales, registration, booth assignment, sponsorship).

  • Coordinate exhibitor schedule, booth layout and signage with hotel coordinator.  

  • Supervise on-site exhibitor registration, set-up, event, and exhibitor registration/check-in.   

  • Organize/Supervise member registration and check-in at conferences.  

  • Work with the local arrangements chairperson to coordinate student entertainment and extra help needed for registration.  

  • Promote the annual conference and virtual Professional Development Series through multiple marketing channels and generate excitement and attract attendees, emphasizing key speakers and benefits.

  • Contribute information regarding Exhibitors, Sponsors, Logistics for Conference Program.

  • Facilitate the registration process using online platforms, facilitating easy attendee management and confirmation.

  • Transport all necessary conference equipment and materials to and from the conference site. 

  • Gather feedback from stakeholders’ post-event to assess strengths and areas for improvement, informing future planning endeavors.



  • Works with the AMET Executive Council and Board of Directors to achieve the mission through programs and strategic planning including an annual review of bylaws, processes and procedures.  

  • Works with AMET Secretary to ensure all meeting records are archived. 

  • Works with AMET Treasurer to share the financial status of the organization.  

  • Works as webmaster to create content, website design and regularly scheduled communication.

  • Contract all necessary insurance policies. 

  • Contract with an attorney as necessary.



  • Prepare annual budgets for AMET Executive Council approval.  

  • Post all credit and debit transactions in accounting software - coding all transactions. 

  • Account for all conference revenue and expenditures. 

  • Prepare and distribute monthly financial reports.  

  • Prepare and submit invoices for all debts owed AMET (incl. sponsorship).  

  • Verify, reconcile, and pay all AMET bills, reimbursements, and scholarship commitments.  

  • Prepare and make deposits of all cash and check revenue.  

  • Execute monthly reconciliation of all AMET bank accounts.  

  • Generate, save, and archive banking reports.  

  • Distribute monthly bank statements to AMET Executive Council.  

  • Reconcile all conference payments with registration records.

  • Prepare, invoice and collect all unpaid conference registrations.

  • Prepare and pay all registration refunds

  • Prepare reports for accounting firm to file annual tax return (form 990).

  • Complete Form 990 narrative information for accounting firm as necessary.  

  • Prepare and mail 1099 forms to all applicable AMET Payees.  

  • File all applicable 1099 payee forms with IRS.  

  • Submit AMET W-9 form to all districts and business agents as required.

  • Submit School District Conflict of Interest forms on request.  

  • Complete all vendor applications with school districts as required.  

  • Prepare year-end financial reports for auditing firm to produce the annual AMET Financial Report.


This is an IRS Form 1099 independent contractor position and includes no benefits beyond the contract payment. Annual contract amount will be $30,000-$39,000 , depending on experience. First round of application pool ends March 31, 2024. Interviews to be held April 2024. Candidate announcement anticipated by May 2, 2024, if an applicant is selected from the first round of interviews.  

The second round of application pool ends April 8, 2024, or sooner, once enough qualified applicants are received.  

To be considered, please apply here.  For technical assistance regarding your application contact us at




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