Professional Development Series


2022 Monthly Professional Development Sessions

January 11, 2022


I Learned About ACEs, Now What? Trauma-Informed Support and Practices for Youth


Tracie Kalic, Director, iSOSY

  • Lysandra Alexander, Program Development Coordinator, PA MEP


Much has been presented on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and trauma. This workshop will go beyond, focusing on evidence-based practices to use with youth experiencing trauma. Strategies such as Connect, then Redirect, SIFTing, and Co-Regulation will be discussed and practiced. Participants will be able to model these strategies, so youth can rise above their circumstances in times of stress and adversity. Participants will also learn how to nurture resilience in youth. Over the past several years the Instructional Services for Out-of-School and Secondary Youth (iSOSY) Consortium, funded under the ED Office of Migrant Education, has been a leader in exploring ways to support the mental health of youth, specifically migrant students. This interactive session will introduce the free-of-charge iSOSY Personal Wellness Training Package (permanently housed on the website). This online professional development manual, specifically targeted towards Migrant service providers, includes multiple tools for practitioners to use in their daily interaction with the migrant community.


February 8, 2022



Balanced Recruitment: The key to ensuring ALL MEP children are identified.

  • Jessica Castañeda, IDRC Director


This session will cover practical ideas and tips on how recruiters and supervisors can ensure that IDR efforts in a local, regional, and state level are targeting the right places at the right time through comprehensive efforts that will lead to actually making recruiting easier over time. It will also ensure that all migrant students are found from pre-K to OSY. This will cover ideas on how to effectively and to efficiently work with schools, agribusinesses, and farm partners, as well as community agencies and programs. It is not as difficult as it seems to ensure you have a balanced approach to recruitment. Join us!


Tuesday, March 8, 2022



Immigration Update: What Migrant Educators Need to Know

  • Roger Rosenthal, JD, Executive Director, Migrant Legal Action Program, Washington, DC


There have been many changes to U.S. immigration policy in the past year. Get updated on the current status of immigration policy. This session will cover the current status of legalization, immigration enforcement, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and Public Charge. Find out about important developments in all these areas in order to better serve migratory students and families.


Tuesday, April 12, 2022



Redesigning the Safety Protocols for Recruitment in 2022!

  • Monica Diaz, Romana Gonzalez

  • Noemi Ucuk, ESC Region 15


As recruiters we should always be alert to our surroundings and be aware of our personal safety and security, in-person and virtually. Driving down a country road after dark, entering a building in a dangerous part of town, coming across threatening dogs guarding a farmhouse, being bitten by a snake or spider, or even being a female in a camp/farm full of males are just a few situations the recruiter may encounter. We are now also experiencing virtual attacks when we are recruiting virtually. Many of these circumstances happen every day, and we need to provide training for our recruiters on how they can protect themselves. Redesigning the safety protocols in our programs can be the recruiter’s best defense when out recruiting on the streets and virtually. 


Tuesday, May 24, 2022



Migrant Education 2022: Where Do We Go From Here?

  • Patricia Meyertholen, Group Leader for the Migrant Education Program, Office of Migrant Education, US Department of Education

  • Jessenia Guerra, Management and Program Analyst and Program Officer for the Texas Migrant Education Program, Office of Migrant Education, Office of Migrant Education, US Department of Education


In this interactive session, presenters from the Office of Migrant Education, US Department of Education, will share recent updates regarding the Migrant Education Program nationally, share Texas-specific data as it relates to the national program, discuss effects of the pandemic on the program and engage participants on how their work has continued to evolve in light of the pandemic.


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