2019 Distinguished Lifetime Service Award

Deadline:  Friday, September 27, 2019


In recognition of the extraordinary efforts that people make on behalf of Texas migratory students, the AMET planning committee is accepting nominations for the Distinguished Lifetime Service Award in Migrant Education. The award recognizes individuals who have contributed significantly to the advancement and/or implementation of the Texas Migrant Education Program through their active participation, dedication, and commitment.


No more than one outstanding individual will be recognized.  The recipient will be honored at a general session during the AMET Conference.


This award will honor an outstanding individual who has provided distinguished service and commitment to the Texas Migrant Education Program for a minimum of fifteen (15) years.

Nominee's Portfolio Submission

As part of the nomination process, the nominator is responsible for submitting a complete portfolio of materials to be used by the selection committee in its deliberations. No videos will be accepted. Material must be word-processed and double-spaced. All materials become the property of the selection committee and will not be returned.

Biographical Sketch

One page narrative that includes:

  1. The events and/or experiences that led to the candidate’s involvement in migrant education.

  2. A listing of achievements/accomplishments in the area of migrant education including participation in committees.

  3. The number of years of service in migrant education.

  4. Any other relevant activities.


Submit required information and picture to Wendy Branstine via email.  Deadline:  September 27, 2019

Complete the Lifetime Service Award Nomination form