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AMET Conference

Goals and Objectives

The TEA works to improve outcomes for all public school students in the state by providing leadership, guidance, and support to school systems, working towards the vision that every child in Texas is an independent thinker and graduates prepared for success in college, a career, or the military, and as an engaged, productive citizen. To achieve this vision for public education in Texas, the Agency has outlined specific strategic priorities to guide and focus our work on behalf of the more than five million school children in our State.  You can see the TEA Strategic Plan here.

AMET will focus on these areas by passionately advocating for all migrant students and families, providing leadership and resources to educators of migrant students, and serving as a voice for the migrant education program.  Through our state conference, we will provide migrant educators relevant and current training on state and federal mandates and best instructional practices to improve migrant student performance by concentrating on the Measurable Program Objectives of the new Texas Service Delivery Plan.


The goal of the AMET Conference is to share migrant service delivery practices through well-planned informative sessions by linking ideas, resources, and leaders; and strategically channeling the concerted efforts to ensure that all migrant children have access to high-quality education, pre- and post-secondary education, so they may succeed in our competitive and global society.




Participants will: 

  • Receive training on updated state and federal mandates, regarding Identification and Recruitment (ID&R); New Generation System (NGS) data management; and, the administration and implementation of migrant education programs. 

  • Acquire information regarding new and innovative instructional programs and research based strategies that will increase migrant student performance.

  • Revitalize the spirit of commitment and dedication to ensure migrant student success. 

  • Engage in sessions targeting best practices that improve parent involvement.

  • Expand the network of peers that share the same passion and vision.

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