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2019 AMET Conference

Wednesday, November 6, 2019


These sessions will be 1:00p -- 2:30p and then repeated from 2:45p – 4:15p. Please choose two sessions to attend.


Administrator Academy



  • Didi Garcia, Assistant Division Director

  • Idalia R. Ibañez, TEA Program Manager, Migrant Education

  • Roger Rosenthal, Roger C. Rosenthal, Esq., Executive Director, Migrant Legal Action Program, Washington, DC


Target Audience: Migrant Directors, Coordinators, Principals, Assistant Principals, and Central Office Administrators


Description: National and/or state and/or local presenters will speak on current issues and policies as they affect the education of our migrant students. The participants will be brought up to date on issues and initiatives affecting coordination and continuity of services for migrant students, new or existing program regulations, and compliance. They will be provided with data reflecting trends and patterns in the migrant program.  This session will allow for participant feedback on TEA supported projects. From the national perspective, information will be provided on funding for Title I Part C, immigration policy, and access to public benefits.


ID&R Academy


Title: Conducting Systematic ID&R of Migratory Children


  • Ray Melecio, Eastern Stream Center on Resources and Training (ESCORT)

  • ESC-2

  • Matt Flaherty, Eastern Stream Center on Resources and Training (ESCORT)

  • Jose Sanchez, Eastern Stream Center on Resources and Training (ESCORT)


Target Audience: Recruiters, COE Reviewers and other personnel involved in the identification and recruitment of eligible migrant students

Description: This session will share the resources and strategies necessary in order to conduct systematic ID&R of migratory children. Systematic ID&R involves planning, organization, implementation and follow up of all ID&R activities. We will review different identification resources available for organizing and planning recruitment efforts such as ICERT and Google Maps. We will then review the different strategies used when implementing an ID&R sweep such as a good elevator pitch. Lastly, we will review how to store and track all ID&R information gained. After attending this session, ID&R staff will know how to implement strategies to effectively identify and recruit all the migrant children in their district or region.


NGS/MSIX Academy



  • Melba Garza, NGS State Trainer/NGS Lead Help Desk/MSIX Data Administrator


Target Audience: NGS/MSIX Data Specialists


Description: Participants will be provided with updates on the New Generation System and Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX) System. They will also receive an overview of the electronic COE. Participants will be engaged in activities pertaining to data entry and data reports. They will review and discuss the changes made to the system and share what is being planned in the future for NGS.

Participants will also become familiar with important data elements that affect the MSIX system. Trainers will emphasize the importance of move notifications to ensure the continuity of data as students migrate within states.    


The sessions below will be 1:00p – 4:00p with a 15-minute break. Please choose only one.


Counselor Academy

Title: There's hope! Trauma-Informed Best Practices for Teens and Young Adults



  • Lysandra L. Alexander, Migrant Education Program Coordinator, Pennsylvania Department of Education

  • Target Audience: Counselors, OSY Specialists, Interventionists


Description: In this interactive session, you will learn about early brain development, effects of trauma in the brain, best practices for dealing with youth exposed to trauma, and self-care strategies for youth providers. Materials from the GOSOSY Consortium on trauma and mental health will be shared.


Parent Academy



  • Anita Villarreal, Director of Title 1, Part A Programs, Texas Education Agency

  • Honorable Antonia “Toni” Arteaga, State District Judge, Bexar County

  • Elizabeth Garza, Educational Consultant, Region 18 Education Service Center


Target Audience: Parents


Description: During this academy, parents will hear from former migrants, Anita Villarreal and Judge Antonia Arteaga, as they provide motivational and encouraging words to migratory parents as they fulfill their important role of parenting and teaching their children while continuing to live a migratory lifestyle. Elizabeth Garza will also present to parents on the importance of Internet Safety. Finally, parents will hear information on mental health and learn strategies for a well-balanced life, which is essential for personal effectiveness, peace of mind, and living well.

Academia de padres



  • Anita Villarreal, Directora de Título 1, Programas de la Parte A, Agencia de Educación de Texas

  • Honorable Antonia "Toni" Arteaga, Juez de Distrito del Estado, Condado de Bexar

  • Elizabeth Garza, Consultora educativa, Centro de servicios educativos de la Región 18


Audiencia: Padres


Descripción: Durante esta academia, los padres escucharán a los ex migrantes, Anita Villarreal y la Jueza Antonia Arteaga, que brindaran palabras motivadoras a los padres migrantes para ayudarles cumplir su importante papel de criar y enseñar a sus hijos mientras continúan viviendo como familia migrante. Elizabeth Garza presentará a los padres la importancia de tener seguridad en Internet. Durante esta sesión, los padres también recibirán información sobre salud mental y estrategias para vivir una vida balanceada, que es esencial para la efectividad personal, la tranquilidad y la buena salud.

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