2017 Migrant State Conference Academies

Administrator Academy
Presenters:  Kelly Kravitz, TEA Interim Director Highly Mobile and At-Risk Students
                    Idalia R. Ibañez, TEA Program Coordinator, Migrant Education                    

 Patricia Meyertholen, MSIX Project Manager, U.S. Department of Education

 Roger Rosenthal, Executive Director, Migrant Legal Action Program

Target Audience: Migrant Directors/Coordinators, Principals, Assistant Principals, and Central Office Administrators
Description: National and/or state and/or local presenters will speak on current issues and policies as they affect the education of our migrant students. The participants will be brought up to date on issues and initiatives affecting coordination of services for migrant students, new or existing program regulations, and compliance. 

ID&R Academy
Presenters: Maria Elena Cortez, Education Specialist/ESC 1
                   Polo Vielma, Education Specialist I for Priority for Service/ESC 12
                   Anna Minjarez, Migrant Specialist/ESC 18

Target Audience: Recruiters, COE Reviewers and other personnel involved in the identification and recruitment of eligible migrant students
Description: The ID&R Academy will provide participants the opportunity to review, discuss, and share strategies related to ID&R case studies. This session will also focus on how to properly complete the COE and COE Supplemental Documentation Form. Special emphasis will be placed on the new Texas COE and related guidance. 

NGS/MSIX Academy
Presenters: Melba Garza, NGS State Trainer/NGS Lead Help Desk/MSIX Data Admin 
                   Olga Gutierrez, NGS Specialist/Region 13 

Target Audience: NGS/MSIX Data Specialists
Description: The new statutory provisions under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) for the Migrant Education Program took effect on July 1, 2017.  These new changes were updated on the New Generation System to reflect the new Texas Certificate of Eligibility data. Melba Garza, NGS State Trainer, invites NGS users to join her and Olga Gutierrez at the NGS Academy.  Together they will review and discuss the changes made to the system and share what is being planned in the future for NGS. The Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX) is the technology that allows States to share educational and health information on migrant children who travel from State to State and who as a result, have student records in multiple States' information systems. MSIX works in concert with the existing migrant student information systems that States currently use to manage their migrant data to fulfill its mission to ensure the appropriate enrollment, placement, and accrual of credits for migrant children nationwide. 

Counselor Academy
Presenters: Karen Gonzalez, LMSW, Con Mi MADRE Program Director
                   Rosa Gutierrez, KIPP Austin Public Schools/KIPP Through College Alumni                         Counselor

Target Audience: Instructional Leaders, Teachers, and Counselors

 Connecting Migrant Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Undocumented Students to College Access Opportunities Overview: Exploring college/postsecondary opportunities can be intimidating for any student, especially undocumented ones. Learn how to be an effective liaison between the resources available and the migrant students and families who could benefit from this support.  Learning objectives: After attending this session, participants should be able to:
1) Differentiate between various immigration statuses eligible for federal and state financial aid, including Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals;
2) Explore these intricacies and their impact on financial aid eligibility;
3) Identify and advise migrant students with complex immigration statuses;
4) Locate state-specific resources and tools; and
5) List ways migrant students can maximize college credits, take advantage of dual enrollment and joint admissions programs and other credit-earning opportunities. 

Parent Academy
Presenter: Eddie Howell, author/former migrant/administrator
                 Gloria Casas, Certified Financial Coach/former La Feria School Board                               Member 
                 Yolanda Castillo, parent/administrator/former migrant

Parent Involvement Network Independent Consultant
Target Audience: Parents
Description: This presentation will provide parents a clear understanding of what constitutes meaningful consultation during local PAC meetings and what promotes effective parent involvement. In addition, in this session former migrants, parents, and administrators will speak directly to parents in an attempt to provide motivation and encouragement as they fulfill their important role of parenting and teaching their children while continuing to live a migrant lifestyle.